Aquascapes by Oceanside Glasstile

Aquascapes mosaic collection in beautiful blues encompasses two different finishes; iridescent and non-iridescent to transform the look of glass tile into a work of art. Oceanscapes glass tile has precise, even, smooth finished edges that makes it ideal for pool installations.

Capri 6x12 Vertical Sticks

Capri 6x12 Vertical SticksOCN-CAPRI VS 6

Sapphire 6x12 Vertical Sticks

Sapphire 6x12 Vertical SticksOCN-Sapphire VS 6

Azure Blend 6x12 Vertical Sticks

Azure Blend 6x12 Vertical SticksOCN-AZURE VS 6

Capri Blend 1x1

Capri Blend 1x1OCN-CAPRI

Sapphire 1x1 Solid

Sapphire 1x1 SolidOCN-Sapphire

Azure Blend 1x1

Azure Blend 1x1OCN-AZURE

Capri Blend Interlocking Sheets

Capri Blend Interlocking SheetsOCN-CAPRI IS 12

Sapphire Interlocking Sheets

Sapphire Interlocking SheetsOCN-Sapphire IS 12

Azure Blend Interlocking Sheets

Azure Blend Interlocking SheetsOCN-AZURE IS 12

Aquamarine 6x12 Vertical Sticks

Aquamarine 6x12 Vertical SticksOCN-AQUAMARINE VS 6

Marine 6x12 Vertical Sticks

Marine 6x12 Vertical SticksOCN-MARINE VS 6

Aquamarine Blend 1x1

Aquamarine Blend 1x1OCN-AQUAMARINE

Sapphire Interlocking Sheets

Marine Blend 1x1OCN-MARINE

Aquamarine Blend Interlocking Sticks

Aquamarine Blend Interlocking SticksOCN-AQUAMARINE IS 12

Marine Blend Interlocking Sticks

Marine Blend Interlocking SticksOCN-MARINE IS 12